Malcolm Venturoni

Malcolm Venturoni is a Director of the Professional Divers Group and has been with the organization for over 20 years. Malcolm operates as Managing Director of Professional Diving Services and Professional Divers Training Academy. For PDTA Malcolm is the signatory for the ADAS training establishment and is an ADAS Training and Assessment Manager mainly overseeing the dive supervisor programs but also assisting in all training including Part 1R, Part 1, Part 2 and Chamber Operator courses. Malcolm is a commercial Diving Supervisor (ADAS 03581) and has over 9,000 hours of commercially logged dive time and has supervised in excess of 4,500 dives. Malcolm also oversees diving operations for Professional Diving Services involving the management of multimillion dollar diving contracts. When looking for divers Malcolm always states “A first class diver needs to have the right attitude, commitment and first class training, then we can polish them to be a professional diver.” 


Rick Austin

Rick Austin is Professional Divers Training Academy’s senior Instructor and certified as an ADAS Training and Assessment Manager (02696). Rick has been in the commercial diving industry and instructing commercial divers for over 20 years. Rick’s skill and expertise as a commercial diving trainer has seen him certify more than a thousand occupational divers enter the industry. His knowledge and understanding of the ADAS programs has also been recognized by his peers having been involved with the setting up and running of the first courses to establish three other ADAS training establishments.

“Undoubtedly the instructor – His knowledge, enthusiasm and energy were extraordinary. The best teacher I have encountered and he made the whole process seem very easy. Rick Austin is one in a million and a credit to PDTA and ADAS. The practical diving and tool use were a highlight of the course. Thanks Rick Austin.”
– Past Student’s Comments


Frank Zeigler

Frank Zeigler is the CEO of Professional Divers Group and oversees the training that the organization conducts through the Professional Divers Training Academy (ADAS commercial diver training establishment) but also through Smarter Safer Solutions, the groups registered RTO. Frank has in excess of 35 years training experience as an instructor in both the commercial and recreational diving industry. Frank is a commercial diver and diving supervisor (01924) and has extensive experience managing diving projects throughout Australia and overseas. Frank holds a Masters Degree in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Newcastle, his major thesis was on Risk Management in the Onshore and Offshore Dive Industry. Frank is an ADAS dive trainer and assists in all aspects of Professional Divers Training Academy’s training of commercial divers.

James Parkinson

James Parkinson

James Parkinson operates as an ADAS Training and Assessment Manager (ADAS 9481) for PDTA involved in training the Part 1R, Part 1, Part 2 and Supervisor courses. In addition to this James works as a Dive Supervisor/Maritime Archaeologist for PDS. James is a ADAS Part 3 Diving Supervisor and has 20 years’ experience working in the onshore construction sector and scientific diving sectors in Australia and 3 years’ experience working in the offshore diving sector in the North Sea. James has 2300 days supervising occupational diving and 5500 occupational dives.


Kevin Graham

Kevin Graham operates as Dive Supervisor/Project Manager for Professional Diving Services and is an ADAS Training and Assessment Manager with the Professional Divers Training Academy. Kevin is qualified as a Commercial Diver and Diving Supervisor (ADAS 00644) and has over 3,500 hours of commercially logged dive time and has supervised in excess of 1,500 dives. Prior to joining PDS & PDTA Kevin Graham was a former member of the Victoria Police Search and Rescue and has over thirty years of diving experience in both the commercial but also the search and recovery and diver training sectors.

Cate Venturoni

Cate Venturoni

Cate Venturoni is the Administration Manager of the Professional Divers Group and operates in this role for both Professional Diving Services and Professional Divers Training Academy. Cate is responsible for course scheduling, booking and administration of PDTA, ADAS and student course information and documentation. Cate is a qualified ADAS occupational diver (03883) and is a registered nurse with a degree in Hyperbaric nursing and over 15 years of experience in clinical hyperbaric operations.