Diving Equipment Technician (Kirby Morgan, OTS & Interspiro)

technician working on dive helmet

This course allows those in the industry or those entering the industry to gain a high level of training and understanding in the operation and maintenance of occupational diving systems.

PDTA are a Kirby Morgan and Ocean Technology Systems technician training facility.  PDTA offer Kirby Morgan user operator courses, Kirby Morgan technician training and certification and Ocean Technology System AGA & Guardian Full Face Mask technician training and certification.

PDTA have an extensive range of equipment available for technician training including Kirby Morgan helmets including (17B, 17C, 17K, 27, 37, 47, 57, 77 & 97), band masks including  (KMB9, 10, 18 & 28) and soft masks (Aga, Guardian, Exo 26 & Supermask 48).

The full diving equipment technician course includes Kirby Morgan helmet and band mask, Interspiro AGA and OTS Guardian full face mask certified technician training, servicing of first and second stage regulators, high and low pressure compressors, air quality testing, flow testing, diving umbilical inspection and testing, l.p/h.p hose inspection and testing, low and high pressure panel testing and servicing and maintenance, and maintenance and repair of diving communication systems.  Additional components can be completed on diving tools and hydraulic systems.

Diving Equipment Technician Course Components

Kirby Morgan Helmet & Band mask


Interspiro AGA and OTS Guardian

Diving equipment trainer

Guardian Service Course

Guardian diving course

Kirby Morgan, Interspiro & OTS

Diving technician trainer with helmets

Extensive Range of Equipment

PDTA Equipment Room

Full Face Mask technician training

trainer pdta


“Great setting, Good pace, clear expectations, good instructions”
“Excellent instruction and facilities. Terrific teacher to student ratio so good amount of personal contact/assistance. Learnt a huge amount.”
“Tasks required to complete were challenging enough to prepare us for industry work.”