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Commencing TBC 2023

ADAS Restricted Occupational SCUBA to 20m (Aquarium Diver)
Starts TBC 2023
Sea World, Gold Coast
This course is designed specifically for divers working in aquariums or zoos.  The course prepares divers for works in an occupational environment using SCUBA in confined waters to a depth of 20m. The focus of the course is to prepare these divers to work in confined and open water environments undertaking

Commencing Dates for 2024 TBC

ADAS Occupational SCUBA Part 1
Course Dates for 2024 TBC
The ADAS Occupational SCUBA to 30m qualification (Part 1) is the first level of certification as a commercial diver. This course is a prerequisite for ADAS Part 2 (Occupational SSBA to 30m) and the theory component of this course explains to the student the role of a commercial diver

Supervisors Courses Dates

Commencing May 2023

ADAS Onshore Supervisor
Starts 8th May and finishes 19th May 2023
Gold Coast
The ADAS Diving Supervisor course will prepare participants to be able to competently plan, manage and execute all aspects of an occupational diving operation. The course provides information to ensure diving operations are carried out in accordance with relevant OHS Legislation, Australian Standards (AS/NZS2299.1:2015 occupational diving operations – standard operational