Occupational SCUBA Part 1 and Occupational SSBA Part 2

Commencing April 2019

Occupational SCUBA Part 1 and Occupational SSBA Part 2
Part 1 starts 29th April and finishes 24th May
Part 2 starts 27th May and finishes 21st June

The Occupational SCUBA qualification is the first level of certification as a commercial diver. This course is a pre requisite for Occupational SSBA (to 30m) and the theory component of this course explains to the student the role of a commercial diver allowing them to better understand the anatomy, physiology, physics and diving maladies related to occupational diving.  Occupational SSBA (to 30m) covers the training activities and competencies required for accreditation of divers to work safely and competently using surface supplied breathing apparatus (SSBA) to depths of up to 30m. This is the second level of accreditation as an occupational diver and it covers Occupational Onshore Air Diving. Divers certified in this level are competent in the use of surface supplied breathing apparatus, cutting and welding equipment,pneumatic and hydraulic tools, digital video and still photography, and ultrasonic and non-destructive testing equipment. This qualification also includes the use of nitrox and has a nitrox endorsement as well as Kirby Morgan Helmet and Bandmask Operators Certifications. This is a good level to complete and start an onshore diving career, gain experience and decide if further training and an offshore career is what you are seeking. It is equivalent to HSE Part 3 (UK).