ADAS Onshore Diving Supervisor
(Supervision of Part 1 and 2 Diving Operations)

Onshore Diving Supervisor

This is PDTA’s most popular program for the development of peoples’ careers from good divers to excellent diving supervisors.

The ADAS Diving Supervisor course will prepare participants to be able to competently plan, manage and execute all aspects of an occupational diving operation. The course provides information to ensure diving operations are carried out in accordance with relevant OHS Legislation, Australian Standards (AS/NZS2299.1:2015 occupational diving operations – standard operational practice & AS/NZS2299.2:2002 occupational diving operations – scientific diving) and industry best practice. The course is compliant with AS/NZS2815.5:2013 training and certification of occupational divers – dive supervisor.

The ADAS Diving Supervisor Course contains the following competencies:

1. Manage people in diving or hyperbaric operations
2. Identify risk and apply risk management processes
3. Implement and monitor occupational health and safety programs in hyperbaric operations
4. Undertake role of the dive supervisor
5. Apply knowledge of diving physics and physiology and perform associated calculations
6. Manage diving illnesses and medical emergencies
7. Manage risk associated with dive operations
8. Conduct dive operations
9. Plan dive operations
10. Implement plant, equipment and maintenance procedures
11. Supervise use of tools in a diving operation (Elective for Part 2 Supervisors)
12. Supervise on-site chamber operations (Elective for Part 2 Supervisors with chamber operator qualifications)

The course has been prepared and will be delivered by our senior trainers Mal Venturoni, Rick Austin, Kent Clifton Bligh & James Parkinson whom have a combined 115 years of onshore and offshore diving project management, occupational diving supervision and occupational diving experience.

The course is also in part tailored for each student dependent on their background, and covers all sectors of the diving industry including onshore construction, scientific diving, film & television, aquariums & zoos, police and aquaculture/live harvest diving operations.

For more information, please visit the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) Supervisor page.

ADAS Onshore Diving Supervisor Course Components

Diving Physics and Physiology

Diving physics and physiology

Emergency Scenario Training

Diving Supervisor student in emergency dive scenario

Managing a Diving Team

PDTA Supervisor Student with Comms

Theory and Practical Assessments

Diving Supervisor students in Classroom

Diving Communications

PDTA Supervisor Instructor and standby diver

Dive Planning

Dive supervisor trainer and student

Dive Briefings

Dive Supervisor Instructing Divers

Dive Site Management

Equipment management

Manage Medical Emergencies

Managing Diving Emergency

Conduct Dive Operations

Conduct dive operations

Standards and Legislation

Dive supervisor students legislation and standards

PDTA Trained Diving Supervisors

Dive Supervisor Course students

“Extensive dive gear available for use with training. Enthusiasm and experience of training staff.”
“Experience of instructors. Instructors have experience and personal input into each part of the training”
“I have completed dozens of courses related to diving and this was by far the best on I have done, most informative.”
“Awesome trainers, very helpful and down to earth with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.”
“The knowledge collectively presented to us students through the years of experience of our trainers was exceptional.”
“Practical Learning, real life scenarios and a real life workplace setting”
“Interaction with different people from different aspects of occupational diving.”
“Practical scenario training, learned real time stress management.”
“This course is a credit to PDTA and its instructional staff, well done.”