ADAS Chamber Operator and Advanced Chamber Operator

PDTA Recompression chamber operator student

The aim of the course is to prepare personnel with appropriate diving physics and physiology theory competencies and the practical skills necessary to safely operate a Mono or Multi-place compression chamber for decompression and recompression operations for diving operations and therapeutic treatments.

The Chamber Operator course is a stand-alone 5 day program for divers and 10 day program for non-divers. However the program is incorporated in the Part 3 SSBA Diver to 50 metre course.

The course includes the operation and maintenance of compression chambers and gives the candidate the knowledge for use of chambers in diving operations for surface decompression, treatments of diving ailments (Decompression illness) and for within hospital and medical facilities for therapeutic treatments.

PDTA have completed courses at external facilities including DAN’s (Divers Alert Network) recompression chamber facility in Vanuatu, at ProDive’s facility in Sydney, at HI Fraser Sydney on the multi-place Submarine Escape Rescue System, for James Fisher Defence Freemantle on the multi-place Submarine Escape Rescue System and Submarine and on the recompression chamber facilities aboard the research vessel’s Alucia and Golden Shadow.

For more information, please visit the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) Chamber Operator page.

ADAS Chamber Operator and Advanced Chamber Operator Course Components

Practical Skills

Recompressoin Chamber operator

Chamber Maintenance

Two recompression chamber operators

Mono or Multi-place chamber

Inside a recompression chamber

Surface Decompression

Hyperbaric chamber being loaded onto barge

Chamber Communications

PDTA Recompression chamber operator instructor

Treatments of Diving Ailments

PDTA Recompression Chamber operator

External Course Run on Research Vessel Alucia

Recomression chamber behind diving vessel

External Course Run on Research Vessel Golden Shadow

Operator inside recompression Chamber

External Course Run on DAN Chamber Vanuatu

PDTA chamber operator students in front of Chamber


“Excellent level of attention to safety, training was varied and thorough.”
“Staff were impressive – knowledge, experience. The facilities are currently the best in Australia and well above the expected standard”
“PDTA is an extremely well run organisation with professional staff who are willing to show students the “real” aspects of the diving industry.”