Professional Divers Training Academy

Professional Divers Training Academy (PDTA) is part of the Professional Divers Group, and is an industry leader in the training and education of occupational divers.

PDTA in partnership with its sister company Professional Diving Services, have applied forty years of occupational diving experience and expertise along with highly professional training staff to offer you first class occupational diver training.  PDTA has a huge array of state of the art industry equipment, giving you the opportunity to gain experience completing realistic tasks under realistic conditions.

PDTA dive programs are well sought after for divers entering the occupational diving industry for all industry sectors including commercial construction diving, salvage and recovery, engineering and inspection diving, marine science, film & television, and aquaculture or animal husbandry within zoos & aquariums.

Within its purpose-built occupational diver training facilities in Melbourne and Sydney “Professional Divers Training Academy” is where you will be taught by ADAS certified instructors with decades of experience in the occupational diving industry.

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